Welcome to the Kelowna Film Society’s Home Page

Thanks to all Kelowna film fans for your support over the past years, and welcome!

All films are at the Orchard Plaza Cinema 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. The address of the theater is #160 - 1876 Cooper Road, Kelowna.

For a list of films in the current series, please click on Upcoming Films in the top banner. Or, if you wish to print a brochure, please visit our brochure download page to select the pdf brochure for the current or a previous series.

Admission is $7.00 - cash or cheque only please! Multiple show passes are available at the door. For information about ticket purchase, please visit our Tickets page.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in helping out or have any concerns or questions.
Be sure to join our email list so you will receive schedules and news of the society.

We wish to express our appreciation for the ongoing assistance of the Film Circuit organization.

Please take the time to vote for your favorite Canadian and International film screened by the Kelowna Film Society. A link is available on our TIFF Film Circuit People’s Choice Awards page.

Camera Package for Rent
Thanks to our loyal members and ardent film-lovers, KFS is pleased to provide a state-of-the-art professional camera equipment package to Okanagan Film & Video Professionals and Artists at a fraction of the cost. Click here for more information.

See the camera in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRZa_WIGH9E

Special Needs?
Four seats are available every showing for wheelchair audience and their companions. Contact us to confirm availability.

Scholarship or Bursary support for students and/or film projects.

The Kelowna Film Society is pleased to offer scholarships or bursaries each year in support of students in film programs. Similar support may also be available for local film projects.

Thanks to the steady audience attendance, the Society is able to aid budding film students and local filmmakers with substantial scholarships and grants. At the committee's discretion, applicants may be awarded use of the KFS camera in addition to, or in lieu of, financial assistance. For 2015, a total of $6000 was awarded by the Kelowna Film Society to three film students: Yannie Yu (Capilano University), Braydon Rouck (Capilano University), and Malibu Taetz (UBCO) and to one film maker: Stefan Matis for film projects. Please see our 2015 Scholarship and Bursary Awards page for details about these talented individuals.

Our Scholarship and Bursary page will provide you with information about the scholarship/bursary application procedure and eligibility requirements.

Support for Young Film-makers from Kelowna Film Society Profits

Kelowna Film Society recently ran a competition that offered ten bursaries of $150 each to local Filmmakers to attend the Motion Picture Industry Orientation course that was being offered in West Kelowna. Entrants were asked to state what their goals in the industry were; why they wanted to attend the course and how attendance and the bursary would help them. Twenty five applications were received.

After the course, feedback was requested so that we could judge whether sponsorship of such bursaries was a good way to spend some of our educational funds which come from any money left over each year after all our expenses have been met. (We also give scholarships to graduates from local high schools who are pursuing studies in postsecondary film programs).

Replies showed that the course was very well received and rated as ‘excellent’. Comments stated that ‘the course provided a great stepping stone towards actual paid work in the film industry’; that it was ‘an extremely beneficial experience’; that ‘it was very informative and gave a good idea of what the industry is like’ and that ‘it has helped a green person like myself to understand definitions of terms used on set and the roles of individuals’. Many stated that without the financial support, they would have been unable to attend.

We feel satisfied that our educational funds are being put to good use!