The Florida Project

February 21, 2018

Here is a pure, naturalistic, cinematic delight with the energy of The 400 blows and the colours of American reality TV, plus a whole lot of sincerity, care, and magic.

Single moms, living in a motel close to Walt Disney World Orlando, are struggling, but they provide their as adorable as they are bad-mouthed children a playful, colourful life.

The camera follows Moonee, 6 years old, and the other kids playing in the surroundings of a candy-purple motel. It shows the daily life of Moonee’s mom, Halley, who struggles to meet ends on welfare and selling knock off perfume to tourists in resort parking lots.

The soundtrack is made of crickets of the summer, cars rolling on the sordid nearby highway, helicopters flying to the “Magic Castle”, and children's laughter.

William Defoe plays a surprisingly gentle motel manager. Child actors are absolutely wonderful. The Florida Project is honest about the limits of benevolence, and about the wishful thinking that can cloud our understanding of the world. Its final scenes are devastating, and also marvelously ambiguous, full of wonder, fury and clear-eyed self-criticism.

“This movie accomplishes something almost miraculous—two things, actually. It casts a spell and tells the truth” (The New York Times).

Make sure to bring a tissue, and be prepared to want to distribute hugs to strangers after the show!

Rated: 14A
112 minutes
4 - 5:52 & 7 - 8:52

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