Their Finest

September 6, 2017

On the surface, Their Finest is a charming romantic comedy set during Britain’s dark days of 1940.

However, as with his An Education, director Lone Scherfig provides a nostalgic, jolly hockey sticks film with a difference, when a Ministry of Information propaganda unit inadvertently creates a really “moving” moving picture. The under-appreciated contributions of women to the war effort is a key theme and Gemma Arterton impresses as the “women’s content” scriptwriter who carves her own path though the male-dominated worlds of film and war.

British national treasure Bill Nighy steals every scene he is in with hilarious send-ups of the acting mannerisms of the period. Careful dialogue, impressive sets, and gorgeous cinematography contribute to the power of the movie within the movie, which tells of a miraculous Dunkirk rescue.

Providing much more than the calm, carry on, cup o’ tea clichés that got the UK through the Blitz, Their Finest is the sort of well-crafted, fun-loving film we can still expect from British cinema.

“…a very enjoyable period piece that wears its heart and intentions on its well starched sleeve.” Matthew Ashdown, Cinevue

United Kingdom
Rated: 14A
117 minutes
4 - 5:57 and 7 - 8:57

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