September 20, 2017

In 1919 small-town Germany, Anna (Paula Beer) lives with the parents of her deceased fiancé, Frantz. An intriguing Frenchman, Adrien (Pierre Niney), keeps laying flowers on Frantz’ grave. In the wake of the First World War, where there was so much bitterness between Germany and France, this somewhat heroic gesture translates into an intimate tension between Anna, Frantz’ family and Adrien.

Freely inspired by Ernst Lubitsch’s Broken Lullaby (1932), this richly imagined period piece is shot masterfully in black and white and colour. It examines complex sensibilities in its study of Anna’s dilemma: should she reveal Adrien’s secret to Frantz’ parents and hurt them, or should she keep silent?

François Ozon’s award-winning film is concerned with mourning and the power of stories true or false for grieving. Extraordinarily powerful performances, a gorgeous score and pristine photography make this a true gem of a dramatic film.

“ Deceit, it suggests, is not always a weapon, and white lies can be bandages and balms for wounded feelings, not least among the bereaved” The New Yorker

France and Germany
French/German with English subtitles
Rated: PG
114 minutes
4 - 5:54 and 7 - 8:54

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