Restless Creature

October 11, 2017

Is sixty the new 40? Not for ballet dancers. Like all athletes, physical realities limit their time in the spotlight.

At the ripe old age of 46, the renowned ballerina Wendy Whelan, widely considered as one of the best of her generation, faces those limitations in this documentary, an intimate and engaging account of her final months with the New York City Ballet. In 2014, following many months of therapy and surgery to treat a tear in her hip cartilage, Wendy Whelan gave her farewell performance after 30 years with the New York City Ballet.

Restless Creature isn’t a mere celebration of a great artist; it’s a moving portrait of what happens when an artist confronts the possibility of not being able to make that art any more.

...“the film is both a comeback story and, more profoundly, a coming to terms with aging.” Brian Seibert. The New York Times.

Rated: PG
90 minutes
4 - 5:30 and 7 - 8:30

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