A Ghost Story

October 18, 2017

A Ghost Story is probably the most singular film you will see this year.

Filmed on a budget of only $100,000US, director Davie Lowery’s feature is a simple, yet completely mesmerizing, film around the idea of eternity, loss and love.

A recently deceased man comes back as a ghost, not a scary kind of a spook, but a white-sheeted unmoored spectre who tries to reconnect with his stricken wife. He haunts their house for days, weeks, years, until she leaves it and is replaced by new tenants.

Voiceless, immaterial and powerless, the ghost is stuck in that one house where he witnesses the agitation of material life around him. Detached from time, he must learn to conform to eternity. The ghost is faced with the timelessness of memories, sensations and emotions, which never end, but never come back either.

“If you've ever loved anyone or anything, A Ghost Story is going to break your heart. It is devastating – and devastatingly good.” Globe & Mail

Rated: PG
92 minutes
4 - 5:32 and 7 - 8:32

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