Loving Vincent

October 25, 2017

The hero of Loving Vincent has been dead nearly a year when director Dorota Kobiela begins her one-of-a-kind biopic.

Of course, we think we know all about Vincent van Gogh – unrequited lover, frenemy of Paul Gauguin, gripped by manias, a self-taught artist whose psychotropic representations of the world attracted precisely one buyer in his life time, afflicted with ear attachment problems.

However, Kobiela, has created a much deeper, perhaps unprecedented homage to the artist, using painstakingly crafted animations along with human actors to explore van Gogh’s tortured personal life.

The work of 120 artists and a gorgeous score create a nuanced history quite different from the usual mad Vincent story. Starting with his accidental death (or was it murder?), we come to know a highly faceted person whose many letters, called the finest by any artist, were often signed “Your Loving Vincent”. As we watch, we understand why the filmmakers so love Vincent van Gogh that they devote seven years meticulous work to telling his story.

“To the extent that van Gogh’s style permitted him to capture a deeper sense of truth, he makes a noble model for the filmmakers to follow.” Peter Debruge, Variety.

Rated: NR (14A)
95 minutes
4 - 5:35 and 7 - 8:35

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