Back to Burgundy

January 24, 2018

The original title “Ce qui nous lie” is a play of word on lie (wine sediment) and lier (the verb “to relate” or “to reunite”). Wine is what is bringing us together, in other words.

Jean returns from Australia to Burgundy to his dying father, and reunites with sister Juliette and brother Jérémie. When the father dies just before the vine harvesting, the three of them have to work together to elaborate a wine. Or should they just sell the property and go on with their lives – with a ton of money?

Director Cedric Klapisch, known for the Auberge Espagnole trilogy, offers a “very palatable” (The Guardian) drama-comedy with “silky smooth” editing (Hollywood Reporter) and a score that combines traditional accordion to modern beats. Actors are just as pleasant to the eye as the scenery: “Burgundy fields and family scenes are beautifully shot” (Le Nouvel Observateur) and depict “true magnificent and universal family relations” (Le Figaro Magazine).

French, English, Spanish, with English Subtitles
Rated: PG
113 minutes
4 - 5:53 & 7 - 8:53

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