The Midwife

February 14, 2018

So, consider this storyline: Claire is a humane and helpful midwife who is devoted to her patients. However, her personal life is a mess. Her hospital is closing and she is determined not to work in its “baby factory” replacement.

She is single, doesn’t make friends easily, and her student son Simon is getting ready to leave her with an empty nest.

And now Béatrice, her dead father's former mistress, re-appears. Eccentric, amoral Béatrice is really the last person Claire needs in her life now. However, Béatrice has brain cancer and has nobody else to turn to. Torn between dislike and compassion, what is good Claire to do?

Such a summary makes the plot appear close to soap opera but the film is lifted by the two Catherines in the main roles, Catherine Frot (Claire) and the incomparable Catherine Deneuve (Béatrice). Together they invite the audience into the lives of two very different but impressively special French women.

“It's a testament to their impeccable talents that Claire and Beatrice come to life with all of their complexities and innate human struggles.”  The NYC Movie Guru.

French with English subtitles
Rated: PG
117 minutes
4 - 5:57 and 7 - 8:57

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