Welcome to the Kelowna Film Society

Our films are on Wednesdays.  Up to mid April, our films are at 4 pm and 7 pm at the Orchard Plaza Cinema. The address of the theater is #160 - 1876 Cooper Road, Kelowna.  From mid April to late May, our films are at 6:30 PM at Landmark Grand 10, #110 948 McCurdy Rd, Kelowna.

Admission is $10.00. Ticket sales will be on line only using the Eventbrite platform, with reserved seating.  For more information about ticket purchase, please click on our Tickets link. There are NO TICKET SALES AT THE DOOR.

Special Needs?
A few wheelchair space only and wheelchair companion seats are available every showing. Please note that the wheelchair space is not a seat.  You will see these special tickets and seats in the ticket purchase process.

You must join the Kelowna Film Society to purchase a ticket. Membership is included in the ticket price.

Why is your KFS Membership Important? 

We want the flexibility to show non-classified or un-rated films.  Membership is how we do that.  As a non-profit cultural organization, Kelowna Film Society has been granted an exemption under section 4 of the Motion Picture Act. This exemption allows us to screen films which have not yet been classified by Consumer Protection BC.   When buying tickets, you will be asked for each attendee's name.  For more information on this topic, please see the About Us page.

Kelowna Film Society strives to ensure all films screened are current (within 2 years old), distributed by a Canadian distributor, and are less than 2 hours in length. For a list of films in the current series, please click on Upcoming Films tab in the top banner.

What happens to funds remaining?

The Kelowna Film Society offers scholarships or bursaries each year in support of students in film programs. Similar support may also be available for local film projects.

Please click our Scholarship and Bursary Awards link for details about these talented individuals.

Our Scholarship and Bursary link will provide you with information about the scholarship/bursary/film project support application procedure and eligibility requirements.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in helping out or have any concerns or questions.