Welcome to the Kelowna Film Society’s Home Page

Thanks to all Kelowna film fans for your support over the past years, and welcome!

All films are on Wednesdays at the Orchard Plaza Cinema. The address of the theater is #160 - 1876 Cooper Road, Kelowna.

Show times are 4 pm and 7 pm. Ticket sales will commence for 4 pm showing once theatre staff have their evening preparations complete at 3:30 pm. Ticket sales will commence for 7 pm showing once the 4 pm screening has finished. Please note: Cineplex will no longer allow patrons to await between the inner door and the outer door of the building. So, please watch the weather and dress appropriately should you plan to arrive prior to 3:30 pm!

Special Needs?
Four seats are available every showing for wheelchair audience and their companions. Contact us to confirm availability.

Admission is $7.00 - cash or cheque only please! Multiple show passes are available at the door. For information about ticket purchase, please visit our Tickets page.

You must present your Kelowna Film Society Membership Card in order to purchase a ticket. Memberships may be purchased at the door for $1.00 and are good for the calendar year.

Why is your KFS Membership Important?

As a a non-profit cultural organization, Kelowna Film Society has applied for and been granted an exemption under section 4 of the Motion Picture Act. This exemption allows us to screen films which have not yet been classified by Consumer Protection BC.

Kelowna Film Society is responsible for operating in compliance with the Motion Picture Act and Consumer Protection BC. To attend a Kelowna Film Society film screening (which may not have been classified by Consumer Protection BC), you must be a Kelowna Film Society member.

Membership is by annual subscription and is limited to persons who are 18 years of age or over. Only members are permitted to be present at the place where a non-classified film is being exhibited.

Kelowna Film Society’s mandate is the encouragement and appreciation of motion pictures as a medium of art, information or education.

Please assist us in ensuring that we remain in compliance with the Motion Picture Act and Consumer Protection BC and can continue to qualify for and receive exemption under section 4 of the Motion Picture Act.

Please be aware that your membership card does NOT automatically add you to our email subscribers list. If you wish to receive our weekly email reminders regarding the Upcoming Film for the week, please be sure to subscribe online using the form to the right.

Kelowna Film Society strives to ensure all films screened are current (within 2 years old), distributed by a Canadian distributor, and are less than 2 hours in length. For a list of films in the current series, please click on Upcoming Films in the top banner. Or, if you wish to print a brochure, please visit our brochure download page to select the pdf brochure for the current or a previous series.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in helping out or have any concerns or questions.
Be sure to join our email list so you will receive schedules and news of the society.

We wish to express our appreciation for the ongoing assistance of the Film Circuit organization.

Scholarship or Bursary support for students and/or film projects.

The Kelowna Film Society is pleased to offer scholarships or bursaries each year in support of students in film programs. Similar support may also be available for local film projects.

Thanks to the steady audience attendance, the Society is able to aid budding film students and local filmmakers with substantial scholarships and grants. Please see our Scholarship and Bursary Awards page for details about these talented individuals.

Our Scholarship and Bursary page will provide you with information about the scholarship/bursary application procedure and eligibility requirements.