2014 Scholarship & Bursary Awards

These awards were presented at the 2014 Annual General Meeting of Kelowna Film Society(KFS) which occurred in June 2014.

KFS Award winners 2014

Pictured from L to R Malibu Taetz, Chelsea McIvoy (film maker), Patrick Parry, Kiano Zamoni (film maker), Brenda Gilbert (KFS Board), Bo Rouck

A total of $7250 was given to two film makers and four film students. We usually budget $4000 for our awards but made a Board decision to add to this total for this year by using some extra funds that had become available (some from our changes to and non mailing of the Spring Brochure). The KFS financial statements were presented and accepted at the AGM and are available on request.


Kiano Zamani has received two scholarships from KFS and this year we gave him a grant to be put toward entering his film, Nava, into Film Festivals. The film is the project for his Master of Fine Arts degree. He is very grateful for the support that KFS has given him.

Chelsea McEvoy is a talented and committed film maker who has won awards at local film festivals. She has submitted a proposal for a project with detailed plans and financial budget. She has already gained experience in film making and Wendy Ord – our film local expert - has no doubt that she will excel at whatever she does. Chelsea noted, in her application, that she believes that film is a very powerful tool and that film makers have the opportunity to deliver influential messages. The aim of her project is to make an audience think and, more importantly, ask questions. Chelsea has a First Nations inheritance and the video has a Residential School background. She is hoping that this video will increase knowledge of this part of Canadian history among younger people, whom she has found have scant exposure to this era.

Ryan Ermacora – is a 2nd year at SFU. His mother used to bring him to KFS films and this is where he says he developed an awareness of artistically driven films from around the world – which in turn developed into a passion for the art form of cinema. He followed up with work in the video production class at KSS where he was top student of the year in this class. Since then he has been volunteering at Pacific Cinematheque the venue for the Vancouver Film Festival.

Ryan’s main interest is to pursue cinematography and all the visual aspects of film. He believes that film can develop insight and make people look at their lives and, the lives of others, in a different light. He thinks that by showing different styles of film, different world views are formed and different aesthetics developed and that the Kelowna Film Society does its part in creating greater understanding of people and cultures around the world.

Ryan’s professor at SFU writes that he possesses the level of devotion and initiative a film maker must have to succeed and that Ryan is exactly the sort of student they seek for the film production cohort in the School of Contemporary Arts. Another film professor has chosen Ryan to work with him as a research assistant and co film maker.

Patrick Parry has been taking Video Production classes at KSS and has received wide experiences in these classes. He has made a string of videos ranging from interviews to sketches. Working with a friend, who has done most of the acting, Patrick has shot, directed and edited these videos. He forwarded a film he has made to the committee so that we could see his work.

The reference from his Video Production teacher at KSS notes that Patrick is a sincere, honest and hardworking individual who has a profound desire to learn more about film making. He shows a dedication to this passion that is inspiring. He is always looking for new opportunities to sharpen his abilities.

Patrick is enrolled in Capilano University.

Brayden (Bo) Rouck aims to develop a career in the film industry and to eventually become a camera operator. At Mount Boucherie School, Bo has worked in Film making and Stage craft where he was given the Top Film Student Award.

Bo is obviously legendary for his volunteer activities at school and in local community film projects where he supports many charitable events. Last year he was awarded MB Outstanding Citizenship Award.

From MBSS we learn that Bo has been in charge of the technical production for all events at the school, and has been a phenomenal resource to all programs, while mentoring younger students in the many skills he has acquired. His list of accomplishments is extensive both in and out of school.

Bo has also worked with a professional camera crew and received kudos from them for his ability to learn quickly. He actually became part of the team in the end and received payment for some of his work.

On his reference from MBSS it is noted that not only is Bo talented but he is calm, patient and likeable. He will be sorely missed at the school next year. He reported some teachers have informed him that he has no hope of passing Grade 12 (because they can’t do without him at the school!!!) Bo will attend Capilano University.

Malibu Taetz is obviously a very talented individual. He has a high academic standard, plays trumpet in the Kelowna City Band and the Okanagan Symphony Youth Orchestra and does volunteer stage managering at the Rotary Centre for the Arts and for the OSYO. Music plays a large part in his life and he would like to pursue a career that blends music and storytelling together. He sees film making as a way to do this.

Malibu submitted a whole host of you.tube works to the committee that showed how diverse his skill is. From one film called ‘The Sea’ but actually shot outdoors looking at Okanagan Lake and surroundings, to a Film Noir – right out of the 1930s – with all the appropriate props – including vintage car driving along a lonely road at night and the chief character in 1930s trench coat and hat – and even the vintage ‘pistol’.

Film Clips from the Lego movie he is producing show outstanding promise. Malibu aims to make this into a full length film.

To finish off these amazing exhibits, he submitted the promotional video that he made for the Okanagan Youth Symphony Orchestra which he made with little direction. He built an informational storyline with sound bits from the orchestra and interview chats with the directors employing great attention to detail and authenticity.

Wendy Ord saw Malibu’s work and she commented that it was superior to work that she has judged at film festivals from much older students who have been exposed to detailed lectures in film making.

One of his referees wrote that Malibu has amazing gifts and talents in the field of film production and more importantly, his humble spirit and diligence to only do his best makes him deserving of our education scholarship. We agreed.

Malibu plans to attend UBCO.