2016 Scholarship & Bursary Awards

For 2016, the Kelowna Film Society awarded three scholarships to students attending Capilano University in North Vancouver.  After reading the following profiles, you will see why we think that Capilano must be impressed with the calibre of students that transfer from SD#23 to their programs!

Dylan Monteith, scholarship winner from Lake Country

Dylan Monteith, scholarship winner from Lake Country with KFS's Brenda Gilbert

Dylan Monteith has just graduated from George Elliott S.S. in Lake Country.  He is recommended as a passionate filmmaker and photographer who has transferred his outstanding talents into a way to benefit his school and community.  He has an enthusiasm for his work that is infectious and has inspired both students and teachers alike.  He is highly self-directed and motivated and does everything with excellence.  Apart from his hard work behind the camera and volunteer activities, he has maintained a top academic standard.  Dylan has a goal of learning everything about the film industry and later becoming a teacher so he can inspire other students as his mentor at school inspired and encouraged him.

Yannie Yu has completed her first year with an A+ grade in all five subjects (which is a rare occurrence according to her prof.)  She has proved to be an excellent and exemplary student who is creative, collaborative, hardworking, presents work of a high calibre and has an excellent work ethic.  We are very pleased to support this outstanding student in the second year of her studies.

Malibu Taetz continues to maintain his excellent academic and creative standards.  Together with a friend, he was chosen from all the first year students to shoot a film as the writer/director and was in charge of a 20 person crew, a 40 piece orchestra, 3 professional actors and more than $60 000 worth of musical and film equipment!  He says that is was challenging to have so many people staring at him and asking what to do next!  We hope to show his film in the Fall.  Malibu is exceptionally industrious, creative, talented and very personable.  It is our pleasure to further support his developing career.

Deb Green (center) and two of the actors, Destee Klyne (left) and Jett Klyne(front), from the film 'The trouble with Destiny' with KFS's Brenda Gilbert (right).

Deb Green (center) and two of the actors, Destee Klyne (left) and Jett Klyne(front), from the film 'The trouble with Destiny' with KFS's Brenda Gilbert (right).

Deb Green, a casting director, writer and producer with Pentalpha  Productions and the Carmi Group of Penticton applied for a grant to help with post production costs of the film ‘The Trouble with Destiny’ (Success is Just a Dream Away) which she co-wrote and produced.  The film was shot on location in the Okanagan and has been entered in various film festivals (including TIFF, VIFF and Raindance, UK).  Kelowna Film Society’s contribution will be acknowledged in the credits of the film.  We hope to show this film in Kelowna at a later date.

Maddison Tebbutt was awarded the use of the KFS camera to shoot her film ‘The Darlings’- a period drama set in various locations in the Okanagan.  Her planning was very detailed, locations were organized, costumes acquired and rehearsals held.  The shooting took place this summer.

Bo Rouck, who received scholarships for two years updated us with news that he has maintained his high academic grades and has refined and extended his skills during this year at Capilano.  He has worked as a PA on various productions as well as being a director of photography and a script writer.  He continues to think that Capilano is a great place.