2019 Scholarship & Bursary Awards

In 2019, KFS awarded Sinead Grewcock funding for her web series Bike Pals. Due to Covid19, Sinead had to postpone the shoot for safety. Bike Pals is a 6 episode series, with a cast of professional working actors volunteering for a 14 day shoot. This was all arranged pre-pandemic. All of the costumes, gear, and props are secured. Sinead did a promotional photo shoot with the cast, held a read through, and was 2 weeks away from the shoot when things were locked down on March 13th.  Sinead has found creative ways to work and plan for her filmmaking futures, and has incorporated a company, named Odd House Productions.  Also, Sinead has finally completed the 3-year film of Our Chances, that was a massive project taken on in the summer of 2017, and was funded by KFS.