La Belle Époque

January 22, 2020

Here’s a film that must have really challenged the 30 second elevator sell – a curmudgeonly cartoonist hires a virtual reality company to help save his marriage. How hard could that be when his wife Margot (Doria Tillier), in one of their ‘discussions’, says “I think you’ve been alive too long”? Deciding anything is worth a try, Victor (played by prolific actor/director/writer David Auteuil) contracts with Antoine (Guillaume Canet), who uses theatrical artifices and historical reconstruction to whisk his client back to 1974 Lyon where he first met and fell in love with Margot. A beautiful, vérité dream – but what awaits after the fateful, inevitable return to real reality?

A classy French take on Groundhog Day and the films of Charlie Kaufman, this idiosyncratic comedy explores the past that made us what we are today. Go back in time ‘X’ years and take a second chance on life, love and the future? What would you do?

“Worth seeing for Auteuil’s magnetic performance in a beautifully designed comedy-drama that pushes boundaries and generally stays on the right side of them.” Jason Korsner, What’s Worth Seeing.

French with English subtitles
Rated: Not Rated
115 minutes
4 - 5:55 & 7 - 8:55

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