The Body Remembers When The World Broke Open

March 4, 2020

Conceived by Canadian filmmakers Kathleen Hepburn and Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers (who also plays one of the leads), “The Body Remembers” centers on the spontaneous connection between two women, both of indigenous descent but hailing from very different social classes, who meet by chance at an East Vancouver bus stop. Prim and professionally dressed, Ália has just come from a gynecological exam when she notices blue-haired Rosie standing barefoot and panicked in the rain. Halfway down the block, Rosie’s boyfriend is shouting violent threats. As if by instinct, Ália intervenes, grabbing Rosie and rushing the two of them back to her apartment and over the course of the evening, the two women explore this traumatic event.

The second half of the film revolves around Aila’s attempt to get Rosie to a safe house, something Rosie is wary about - whether she wants to stay somewhere unfamiliar, whether she wants to leave her home, whether she wants to accept the help of others, etc.

The film quietly illustrates the eternal conundrum of trying to be good without being a do-gooder, and trying to be independent while also recognizing the need for a helping hand.

“Don't let its florid, mouthful of a title mislead you: "The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open" is a film that's as urgent and unpretentious as it is remarkable." Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

Rated: PG
105 minutes
4 - 5:45 & 7 - 8:45

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