About Us

In 2000, we began presenting films in Kelowna as an affiliate of the Shuswap Film Society, a wonderful group of people in Salmon Arm who have been providing films in Salmon Arm for many years. In 2008, we became independent and formed the Kelowna Film Society, a non-profit organization. The prestigious Toronto International Film Festival has been the society’s main source of powerful offerings from the world of cinema, including foreign language offerings, Canadian films, hard-to-find independent films, quality documentaries, as well as crowd-pleasing comedies, dramas and the occasional block-buster. 

Kelowna Film Society’s mandate is the encouragement and appreciation of motion pictures as a medium of art, information or education.  We thank our loyal audiences and volunteers for their tremendous support!

Everyone who attends one of our screenings is a member.  As a non-profit cultural organization, Kelowna Film Society has been granted an exemption under section 4 of the Motion Picture Act. This exemption allows us to screen films which have not yet been classified by Consumer Protection BC.  Kelowna Film Society is responsible for operating in compliance with the Motion Picture Act and Consumer Protection BC. To attend a Kelowna Film Society film screening (which may not have been classified by Consumer Protection BC), you must be a Kelowna Film Society member.  Membership is limited to persons who are 18 years of age or over. Only members are permitted to be present at the place where a non-classified film is being exhibited.  Please assist us in ensuring that we remain in compliance with the Motion Picture Act and Consumer Protection BC and can continue to qualify for and receive exemption under section 4 of the Motion Picture Act. When buying tickets, you will be asked for each attendee's name.

Our last AGM was held June 2023 at Barlee Park.   Our Board of Directors for 2023-2024 is as follows:
• Chair: Ruth Mellor
• Vice-Chair: Ed McLean
• Film Selection Committee Chairperson: Janet Baron

• Secretary: Brenda Gilbert
• Treasurer: Wayne Bridges
• Scholarships and Bursary Committee Chairperson: Brent Mardon
• Members At Large: Martyn Topham, Ruth Wilson, Shirley Parks

The Kelowna Film Society Annual General Meeting is typically scheduled each year in June.

We currently have our full complement of volunteers. However, if you have the time and interest to help us out in any capacity (volunteer, committees, or Board Director), please contact us and we will add you to our volunteer reserve list.

The society has supported local film students and film makers with grants, bursaries and other assistance totaling more than $30,000.