Upcoming Films For Wednesday Night

Riceboy Sleeps

WEDNESDAY APRIL 5, 4pm & 7pm Riceboy Sleeps – an intriguing title, wouldn’t you say? Exactly who is Riceboy? And why is he sleeping? Following a family tragedy, a young woman and her child move to Canada from Korea, where all their resources are needed to contend with the social prejudices they encounter. Insightful direction,…
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I Like Movies

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 4pm & 7pm I Like Movies – in this Canadian film, 17 year-old Lawrence sabotages every possible social relationship with his film-loving obsession. Perhaps his parents took him to Cinema Paradiso in utero? With the dream of paying for NYU film school by working in a video store, this boy clearly has…
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Brochure Download

The following brochures are available to download for your convenience. Winter 2020 Series Fall 2019 Series Spring 2019 Series Winter 2019 Series Fall 2018 Series Spring 2018 Series Winter 2018 Series Fall 2017 Series Spring 2017 Series Winter 2017 Series Fall 2016 Series Spring 2016 Series Winter 2016 Series Fall 2015 Series Spring 2015 Series…
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