Concrete Valley

Wednesday, October 11 4 PM and 7 PM

Rashid (Hussam Douhna), a doctor from Aleppo, Syria has been struggling to adjust to his life in Canada. He tries to hold on to his old identity by working as an unlicensed doctor for his neighbours while his wife Farah (Amani Ibrahim) becomes involved in their local community. We learn almost in passing that Rashid and Farah’s marriage was an arranged one, a fact that will be difficult to forget as we watch them drift apart in their new home.The film was based in part on interviews with the cast about their own real experiences as immigrants and has a cast of predominantly amateur actors.

Every character here is learning to live a new life, unsure of themselves, their language, their place. The result is rather thrilling. Barry Hertz: The Globe and Mail

English, 1 hour and 30 minutes