Days of Happiness

This emotionally complex drama, from Montreal-based writer-director Chloé Robichaud, follows a young orchestra conductor who’s becoming a major player on the Quebec classical music scene and now finds herself at a crossroads.

 Emma is a recognizable queer character and proof that there’s a middle ground between the specificities of gay life being ignored and a person’s sexuality being their defining character trait. She’s also spent her whole life trying to be perfect but now that she’s on the precipice of real success she’s told she needs to be looser and more emotional. At the same time she’s wrestling with gaining back control of her career from her very dominating father who’s also her manager.

“Robichaud’s films don’t fit the traditional mold,[...] but it’s led to her being one of the truly most exciting filmmakers in the world.” Stephen Saito, The Moveable Feast

French with English subtitles Canada          1 hour and 58 minutes       February 21, 2024       4:00 and 7:00