Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves takes place in a very personalized version of Helsinki, which may be familiar to admirers of  Aki Kaurismäki, the Finnish director’s hilariously deadpan and also humanistic tragicomedies.

Ansa (Alma Pöysti,) and Holappa (Jussi Vatanen) spend their waking hours in drab workplaces, pubs with stone-faced patrons, and sparsely decorated homes where a radio is the height of modern technology.

Within this space, viewers will find the richness of feeling that’s a trademark of the director’s work.There’s a timelessness that he bestows on his tight but unhurried narratives that adds to the fable-like atmosphere.  Quirky, sentimental, and among his funniest movies, this tale of two everyday Finns and their unusual love story is sure to make you smile.

“Fallen Leaves is another of Kaurismäki’s beguiling and delightful cinephile comedies, featuring foot-tapping rock’n’roll. It’s romantic and sweet-natured, in a deadpan style that in no way undermines or ironises the emotions involved and with some sharp things to say about contemporary politics.”  Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Finland,Germany Finnish/Arabic with English subtitles 81 minutes January 24, 2024 4 and 7 PM. Click the buttons below for tickets, which go on sale on week before.