Flora and Son

An Irish musical that makes you feel better about life, love and yourself.

Who needs that?

John Carney makes movies about normal people who make a connection with music that enriches their spirits and soul. Music becomes their salvation and escape from the everyday troubles of their lives. The characters are fundamentally good people down on their luck, stumbling here and there with the usual problems, which they try to overcome with a song in their heart.

Flora (Eve Hewson) is a spitfire mother who steals from the purses of the mothers for whom she babysits when they're not paying attention  When her struggling teenage son, Max (Orén Kinlan), finds himself in trouble with the law, she rescues a guitar from a dumpster in the hopes he'll learn to play. 

This is a feel good movie for cynical times, a lo-fi musical that tells a simple story, charmingly.

“Blending the hip and the heartfelt, the tough and the tender, Carney creates a movie you'll want to hold close.” ABC New Peter Travers

English/Ireland            One hour and 34 minutes        March 6, 2024             4:00 and 7:00