Full Time (A Plein Temps)

Wednesday, September 20, 4 PM and 7 PM

 A film by French Canadian Eric Gravel director it portrays motherhood frazzle as a gripping thriller. Julie (Laure Calamy), is a divorced mum of two who’s feeling the grind: work, kids, mortgage debt, crappy ex. She works an exhausting job as head maid at a luxury Parisian hotel. Her frenetic daily routine includes commuting from her remote suburb into Paris, tending to her two children and searching for a better job to make use of her university education

The anxiety we feel as we watch is very much the point. Julie is living on the edge. The movie marvels at her ability to keep her balance. And it mourns the fact that her survival should depend on it. 

The film won both best director and best actor at the Venice film festival.

“It’s such an authentic and relatable film – so meticulously observed, in fact, that to be perfectly honest, I assumed it had been made by a woman.”  The Guardian