Wednesday, October 25 4 PM and 7 PM

Jules follows Milton (Ben Kingsley) who lives a quiet, very routine life in a rural Pennsylvania town. One day everything changes when a UFO and its extra-terrestrial passenger crash land in his backyard. Before long, Milton develops a close relationship with the extra-terrestrial he calls "Jules." Things become complicated when his two neighbours (Harriet Sansom Harris and Jane Curtin) discover Jules. And soon the government gets involved. What follows is a funny, wildly inventive ride as the three neighbours find meaning and connection later in life -- thanks to this unlikely stranger. Jules accomplishes what few current films do: a sweet, simple sense of wonder.

It's less a sci-fi parable... than a fairy tale reminding us that the tribulations of getting old are more natural than sad, and best done in the company of loved ones. Michael O’Sullivan: Washington Post 

English, 1 hour 27 minutes