Solo, winner of Toronto International Film Festival’s award for best Canadian feature film, is set within Montreal’s vibrant drag queen community.

Simon, a rising star, falls in love with the destructive Olivier. At the same time, Simon's mother, a famous opera singer, returns after a fifteen year absence. Finding failure with these two impossible loves, Simon comes to realize that he deserves better.

Solo is a very emotional look at a person who goes to psychologically damaging places to feel loved, admired, and wanted. It recognizes that in matters of love we are all essentially on our own. No matter how close we are to another person, how we experience affection and devotion (or the lack thereof) is ultimately up to us.

 “Dupuis’ direction is visually slick, but Solo is as composed and elegantly paced as a symphony. It’s a stunning work that places the viewer in the body and community of a person who might seem unfamiliar to some, but is universally relatable.”  The Gate, Andrew Parker

French with English subtitles    Canada  One hour and 43 minutes April 10, 2024  4:00 and 7:00