Who’s Yer Father

Who’s Yer Father, a film set and shot entirely on Prince Edward Island, is a hilariously good time with a surprising amount of heart.

 “Who’s Yer Father”is a Maritime shorthand for a way to quickly figure out family and friend connections in close knit communities. It’s also the name of PEI’s only private investigation agency, a barely above-water operation, run by awkward and underachieving Larry.

Luke controls the sale of seafood in the province and wants Larry to investigate a black-market operator whom he suspects is cutting into his profits. So begins an investigation on the other side of the Island where Larry meets Rhonda who works in the local convenience store and dreams of one day buying a soft ice cream machine. And  a crime-solving partnership is born.

“Who’s Yer Father is a crime comedy to make Canada proud.”  Ethan Dayton  That Shelf

English/Canada           One hour and 50 minutes        January 31, 2024  4:00 and 7:00