Anatomy of a Fall

Did he fall or was he pushed out the window?

Winner of the prestigious Cannes Palme D’Or award, the film is both a mystery and a courtroom drama. A couple’s troubled marriage might have just simmered on privately and indefinitely, within the walls of their alpine chalet outside Grenoble. But one day the husband Samuel’s body is found dead, lying in the snow in front of their chalet, and discovered by the couple’s visually impaired 11-year-old son Daniel. Sandra, the wife, finds herself on trial for his death and so the failings and faultlines in her relationship with Samuel are exposed and picked over by a tenacious prosecution lawyer intent on proving her guilt.

“We can't help wondering: when, and under what emotional pressure, does a memory shift from being a reliable account of something to a story that we tell ourselves about what we wish had occurred?”   The New Yorker Anthony Lane

French with English subtitles             France  2 hours and 30 minutes  February 28, 2024  4:00 and 7:00